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How it was built?

(1) Used Masonite to sketch out the design for the 3 units.

(3) This is the completed front (with cutouts for drawers) and  back (with the blue tape). Edges are smooth because i used a router with the template.

(5) Completed units, with red formica on side and black formica on front. Not showing drawers or tops at this point.

(7) Blank drawer fronts. Made from glued up poplar and routed with a 45 degree chamfer. Shown here sitting on the template used to cut the front of the case.

(9) Painted over the painters tape with the same white paint - this helps seal the edge better for when i paint with a contrasting color. Does not matter if the white paint leaks under the edge since that's the color of the lines that site beneath the tape.

(2) Used plywood with the edges wrapped with thin strips of mason to form the templates

(4) Assembled front (with drawer openings) to  back, using 3/4 inch thick plywood spacers (spacers are on the inside of the unit). Then used 3/4 inch (1 inch wide) plywood strips (on the outside of the unit)  to provide a surface on which to nail and glue the 1/8 inch thick plywood

(6) Top being built - 5 sheets of 1/8 plywood, glued, and bent around the top - clamped with 2 strap clamps and a bunch of smaller clamps around the edges. Once dry, cut and route the edges - and attache the top with screws.

(8) Blank drawer fronts with painters tape. Used 3/4 and 1 inch widths.

(10) Drawer fronts painted with two colors. Note that the pattern was designed to span one drawer to another.